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Our Story

GISELE'S caribeyond restaurant was named after Madame Gisele Dugué. Madame Gisele attended a renowned cuisine institute called Madame Marcorel Haute Coutoure et Cuisine where she learned how to cook new savory dishes from the caribbean. When Madame Gisele moved to the United States, she was inspired by how she can bring people together and share her heritage through her cooking. GISELE'S caribeyond restaurant goal is to share all the flavors from the caribbean with every customer.

 Home away from home!!!

In the Kitchen

Authentic Caribbean dishes made from fresh, local ingredients.

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In Loving Memory of

Madame Gisele Dugue

The ones we love never go away.

Unseen, unheard but always near.

Still loved, Still missed, and very dear.

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